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Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter's Mission...

Our mission is to protect the public, provide excellent animal care, find good homes for our animal guests, to promote responsible pet guardianship, to work to end the overpopulation of feral cats in our community, and to run a well organized, efficient shelter with rehabilitation through education philosophy.


9:00 am to 3:00 pm - Monday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am to 7:00 pm - Thursday

749 East Main Street
Branford CT 06405
Phone: 203-315-4125

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What We are about...

The Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter has been helping homeless animals along the Connecticut shoreline and vicinity since April 2003.

Hundreds of displaced animals come through our doors each year and it takes a lot of time, rehabilitation and veterinary care to place them into new homes.

With such great support from the Town of Branford, our dedicated staff and our terrific volunteer base, we provide some of the best animal control & shelter services available in the state.

We are so much more than a traditional shelter! We offer many programs and services to educate, inform and inspire people to take responsible care of their pets and to treat them with the kindness they deserve. With the support from people from all over Connecticut and beyond, we are helping to create a better community for all.

Who we are...

Laura Selvaggio Burban
Director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

Wendy Joyce
Supervisor & Municipal Animal Control Officer

Pam Medlyn
Assistant Animal Control Officer

Eve Vandewarker
Assistant Animal Control Officer

Dawn Buffone
Assistant Animal Control Officer

Adopt a Pet Now...

View our adoptable shelter animals at now.  Re-home a deserving animal today.

Some of the programs we currently provide:

  • Low or No cost spay/neuter certificates
  • Humane Education through schools, seminars and special needs groups
  • Internships for Both High School and College Students looking to gain experience working hands on with animals, learning about investigations and providing services to enhance both public and animal safety
  • Rehabilitation to the most abused, neglected and sickly animals
  • Adoption counseling and basic training for new adopters
  • Lost and Found Community Internet Board
  • Rabies and Microchipping Clinics
  • Pet Food Pantry for people going through hardships
  • Education through orientation provided on a bi-weekly basis with Volunteer Coordinators
  • Outreach Programs with Off site Adoption and Animal Care Fairs
  • Pet Certified Therapy Dogs to our Hospice and Assisted Living Residents
  • Community Resource Guidance
  • Therapy provided to Special Needs Groups on site such as Vista, Pathways, Sarah, Aces, Harbor Health, & The Children’s Community Programs of CT
  • Host and Produce local TV Adoption Show — Adopt A Friend — to promote animal awareness every month
  • Seniors matching seniors program
  • Safe-keep services for residents going in Hospital
  • Transportation assistance program-provide disabled or senior residents with access to staff to help them bring animals to vet or pick animals up at their house if they have to owner release them but have no transportation

Some of the services and programs, we are initiating or expanding upon:

  • Enhancing our website to be more interactive, informative
  • Providing training and equipment to keep the staff and the public safe
  • Providing management companies information about the importance of dog licensing, how it benefits them to offer their residents the necessary information to comply, and reaching a record numbers of renters that would have been lost to the system
  • Staff members and volunteers uniformed to maintain a professional appearance
  • Continuing to expand upon fundraising efforts (Walk for the Homeless Pets) and public awareness
  • Working with other local shelters and rescues
  • Participating in mutual aid

We are also a major supporter of the following local events: